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Resources for the atheist parent and their children.

A|N Groups: Friends of Camp Quest Foundation Beyond Belief Children of the Damned Heathen Homeschool Websites: Secular Parenting The Memin…

Started by Dawn KLatest Reply

Parenting Little Heathens Posting Rules and Guidelines:

Although I have resisted in the past to set down specific guidelines for this group I feel it has become necessary. This is not done lightl…

Started by Dawn KLatest Reply

100 Tools to Make Your Kids Math and Science Stars HUGE list of resources on the web. Some of these wil…

Started by Dawn KLatest Reply

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Baby Food Alert

Heavy Metals in Baby Food: What You Need to Know Alarming levels of heavy metals were found in foods for babies and toddlers. Consumer Repo…

Started by Ruth Anthony-Gardner

1 Dec 5
Reply by Chris

Pre-conception Air Pollution Harms Kids Hearts Later

Experiments in mice found that parent's exposure to dirty air before mating impacted offspring health. Avoid air pollution for your health…

Started by Ruth Anthony-Gardner

0 Dec 5

Guys, don't smoke if you want grandkids

Sperm count 50% lower in sons of fathers who smoke Quit smoking not just for yourself but for your children. Studies have repeatedly linked…

Started by Ruth Anthony-Gardner

1 Nov 23
Reply by Grinning Cat

Childhood Asthma Improves With Mediterranean Diet

Diet rich in fish helps fight asthma The international study found children with asthma who followed a healthy Mediterranean diet enriched…

Started by Ruth Anthony-Gardner

0 Nov 7

Chat with your babes

 "...frequent chatting with toddlers accounted for up to 27 per cent of their higher performance in verbal comprehension a decade later,...…

Started by Ruth Anthony-Gardner

1 Sep 15
Reply by Grinning Cat

Interest in high school predicts higher income

You might want to share this with your high school age kids. Even poor kids who aren't the brightest will earned more and have more prestig…

Started by Ruth Anthony-Gardner

0 Feb 27

Construction-Based Toys Build Better Brains

Building a future in science with construction-based toys The ability to mentally rotate shapes is needed in many skills. This talent isn't…

Started by Ruth Anthony-Gardner

2 Feb 6
Reply by Loren Miller

Child Soccer Warm Up Prevents Injury

Correct warm-up reduces soccer injuries in children by half an international team of experts developed a 20-minute warm-up. The program "11…

Started by Ruth Anthony-Gardner

0 Jan 15

Beware Fake Kids' Videos

Familiar characters from legitimate kids videos are being mimicked, and linked as suggestions from the legitimate videos. It's one of many…

Started by Ruth Anthony-Gardner

1 Jan 4
Reply by Grinning Cat

Benefits of Rough-n-Tumble Parenting

Playful parents prevent anxious kids:Study "... certain behaviours by parents play a role in protecting preschoolers from becoming anxious…

Started by Ruth Anthony-Gardner

1 Jan 2
Reply by Grinning Cat


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