My poor son sits here sometimes and watches me post news. I try to put a smiley on the news that reflects how I feel about it or that says something about the content. He is fascinated by the smileys and likes to click the buttons with the mouse. So, I am making a thread just for kids to click the smileys and make posts.

Is this useful?
Probably not terribly. But he'll love it. :P

Thanks for your understanding, but I couldn't think of a better place to put this.



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Xander would pick these, but he went to bed:
It's a shame that there's no WOW smiley or a skull and crossbones, he'd be all over that.
Ethan's sitting right here watching the Olympics. Every time he see's the smilies he asks if this one is Mario.

Here he is now.

Aly's favorites, she got a little carried away, typical 4 year old. Thanks for posting this moJoe, it is a great idea.
I think that sounds fun. Amanda mentioned something similar I think in another post somewhere (I can't find it now!) a while back. I wish I had the umf to do it though! Anyone else up for it?
I'm on here enough, I guess I can do it for now until someone more motivated steps to the plate. I can also just make a bunch of you moms and dads admins there too so we can share the responsibility of maintaining it.

Can we call the group "Children of the Damned?"
It's a bit dark, but you must admit that it's absolutely perfect. :P




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