HUGE list of resources on the web. Some of these will be known to most of us. Bill Nye, National Geographic. but with 100 sites there's sure some that are new.

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The best way is to give them two choices: eat all your vegetables or factor these algebraic expressions.

Or teach it to them like religionites indoctrinate their kids--except that it'll be math and science.
Thank you, we have had fun with some of these. It also lead me from Bill Nye to Mr. Wizard. I had forgotten about Mr. Wizard's start on Nickelodeon.
This look terrific, Dawn. Thank you for featuring the website. I'll be sure to go through them with my kids and see what they like.
Sheppard software ROCKS! Thank you so much
This thread makes me get all emotional and teary eyed. It reminds me so much of how my father raised me. I was always handed books with logic puzzles and brain benders. I also had the coolest computer game called "Dr. Brain". Too bad I was never taught how to utilize all that critical thinking. My parents let me drop out of school when I was 15. This still confounds me.
Quite a directory. Thanks.
I had an A in grade 10 Math... and that was despite having horrible teachers ect, but now I'm failing Math in college (mind fail and I can't get a tutor) so I'm going to have to change my major to a BA from a BSci. FRACKing suks.




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