I am constantly on the lookout for information religious leaders use to convince parents to indoctrinate their children. I find a lot of material on the web, for example this booklet written by a Catholic Bishop. If you are a Catholic (or were raised in that faith) what the Bishop writes will seem quite normal. Nothing will propably strike you as out of place. For a secular person like myself, that never underwent religious indoctrination, the ideas he expresses about children and their capacity to be spiritual are flabbergasting. Here is a man that obviously is totally controlled by dogma and who does not display any knowledge of child development or psychology whatsoever. I am really interested in what other secular people think of this booklet.


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Mr. Alexander Mileant poses as a expert on morals while providing gullible parents with an instruction manual on child abuse. He even has the guts to call himself "father". I'm disgusted.

OTOH: It's just catholicism as usual.




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