I know not everyone is keen on posting pics of their little ones on the net. But if you are so inclined please do.

I have to get mine to bed now but I'll be back later to add a couple pics.

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Very cute. I love the collage w/ so many photos, you can really see some personality shining through.
Hi Dawn,

What a great idea, I think more people should know what great kids atheists have.

So my two, no longer little heathens. Perhaps sometime I'll add some parenting thoughts, but for now:

Cameron, age 12. OK, it's a little cheesecake, but he was reading.

My daughter Eden is 16.

Two great kids - we did not plan on giving them unisexual names, but Eden is a boy's name in England and of course Cameron is a boy's or girl's name. I am doing everything I can to hold back from outrageous bragging about them.

Beautiful kids. I for one always enjoy hearing parenting thoughts and brags from others. Particularly from those more experienced on the parenting front.

My two girls, ages 9 & 12.
Here are my two
Okay, I can't figure out how to dump the image into this box, but I've attached a pic from this past November. Ronja will be 3 in March, and Eila was 1 around Thanksgiving.
Awww, cute girls. How do you pronounce their names? They are very unusual. My youngest will turn three in March as well.
Both names are Finnish--my wife is from Finland (there's state church there, but a lot more acceptance of nonbelievers). Ronja is pronounced /ron ya/ and Eila is pronounced /ey la/--ey rhymes with bay. We're trying to raise them bilingual. That's not so tough. But trying to raise them without superstitions (until they're old enough to understand the relevant concepts) is really tough. So how do you dump pictures into the box?
I'll do you all one better and post video taken last week of Cole and I lightsaber battling while Finn grooves to Led Zepplin on mommy's iPhone (which he subsequently broke).

This is my son Logan when he was about 6 months old. He's nearly 8 months now and I have more recent pics of him but this is one of my favorites with him rocking his little g pants.
She is pretty darn cute. More perfect than mine though? Nah ;)
I will "see" your cuteness, and "raise" you a shampoo hairdo. Beat that!



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