I know not everyone is keen on posting pics of their little ones on the net. But if you are so inclined please do.

I have to get mine to bed now but I'll be back later to add a couple pics.

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Here is a picture of my little one. He is just shy of six months old.

Here's my little man, Ronin.
He's 13 months old and loves books, cars and enjoys sleeping for 12 hours at night.

Mom and Bugs in the kitchen.

Daddy and Bugs warming up in the cafe during the Easter snowstorm.
His given name in Antonio. He loves ATA, books (he used to sleep with them before 'guys'), smiley faces, and people in general.
She's adorable. Thanks for sharing!
Dagmar Lee was born 10 September. :)

Congratulations! She's a beauty!
Congratulations! Just adorable!

How are you feeling Lorry?
Thanks! :) Pretty good now. The first couple weeks were rough, trying to take care of her as well as myself after an unexpected emergency cesarean. It feels like we've figured out some stuff by now and my physical recovery has been good, so it's a lot more fun now!
Here's a picture of my 13 month old daugther Dorit:

She's adorable!
Thanks for sharing. Pretty girls and of course as a Stephanie Meyers fan I give a hi-5 to your older girl.

I'm guessing that your wife is Korean? My husband is Korean but has lived in the U.S. since he was 3 or 4. I was wondering how much you blend her culture into your family life if at all. My husbands family was all about assimilating so as a result he doesn't retain really any Korean customs and can't even speak the language.
Here is Mikey and AJ




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