I know not everyone is keen on posting pics of their little ones on the net. But if you are so inclined please do.

I have to get mine to bed now but I'll be back later to add a couple pics.

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Heh, my boys love to see their "spikes" during bath time. But they have short hair so it's not quite as impressive as this.

Your pup is super cute too!
Here is my little girl from several months ago...typical MySpace shot...

Here she is at about 10 months...smiling for the camera

And here is a more recent one of her swimming in the pool with her aunt...

She loves them, she'll leave them on for minutes (which is like hours to a 14month old).
love those pudgy kissable cheeks!

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This is my son Austin(6) on the Forth of July

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
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Her's my daughter Hailey(12) just monkeying around



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