I'm fairly excited about this site! I hope it really takes off in a positive way.

I created this group because I see a need. I belong to a few parenting message boards but none of them are very interested in discussing secular parenting issues. Needless to say most are religious to varying degrees and don't understand why it's even an issue.

Just a brief intro...I'm a SAHM with two boys ages 5 and 2. I'll be sending my 5 year old off to kindy this fall and with the excitement also comes all the usual fears and nerves. I look forward to getting to know other parents here.

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I completely hear you...I never even really considered my lack of belief until my oldest (now 5) started getting close to school age. It's become so much more important to me now. I guess I have a fear of what will go on in school. Not that he'll be indoctrinated, but more fears of him being rejected by his peers.
Hey Dawn,
My children are grown and I have grandchildren, but when they were young, many of the little kids they played with would talk about god, their church, etc. I had decided that the best thing to do about god & religion was to ignore it until my children were old enough for a real philosophical discussion. But the issue confronted them from outside. I explained the rational approach to the subject to my children, but I felt I was at a disadvantage because religion and its ikons were everywhere (think children's bible stories in the doctor's office). So I wrote my own book on religious skepticism and to my delight it was published by Prometheus Books. It was the first of its kind and is still very much in print. Perhaps you would find it useful. Prometheus now has a variety of other books for children as well. Good luck!
Wow, I'd be very interested in seeing your book... once my daughter is old enough to read at least.
"What about gods" is meant to be read to younger children or by olcer children. Check it out on Amazon. You can "look inside."
Thanks, I will definitely check it out.
I liked this book a lot, read it to both my daughters. I borrowed a copy from the library, but it is worth buying!
Thanks for the info. Your book looks very interesting, I will definitely look for it soon.

The reason I decided to approach the subject at a young age and on my own terms is exactly as you say it will come at them from the outside. Much like I don't want my kids to first learn about the birds and bees from their peers, I don't want their first contact with religion to be from outsiders.

I'm probably more worried than I need to be since we don't live in a particularly religious area. But I'm all about being prepared. LOL
Hi, I was glad to see this group! I am a stay at home mom of 2 daughters. My youngest just turned 7 & is going into 2nd grade. My oldest will be 11 & about to enter 6th grade.

As of right now, neither of my girls believe in god. My youngest is starting to question though just because she sees mention of god all over the place. I know that my oldest also went through this in K - 2, so I'm hoping it is a similar thing.

It is hard because kids/people have an urge to fit in & unfortunately not believing in god makes you not fit in most of the time.
I am finishing up a Master degree in biology and my wife is a photographer. We have a little 2.5 year boy and 14 mo. old girl. We both are atheists (well, my wife would probably say she is agnostic...) and are avoiding religion for our children like the black plague. My parents are religious, but I think they respect our stance and let us raise our kids a we wish. Maybe they baptised them in our sleep, who knows. We just kind of smile when they say they are praying for our children.
What area are you getting your masters in?

My wife is in a PhD program for molecular biology with her specialty being in bio-informatics.
I must confess that I'm not ACTUALLY a parent, but I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to hear how others are teaching there children so that when that day DOES come about, I may have some groundwork laid out.

I'm a 25 year old currently living in Nashville, TN. Although I'm single at the moment, I imagine a day will come that I'll want to settle down and raise a couple little heathens myself. I hope you don't shun me for joining!
SHUN! SHUN! just kidding :)


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