Has anyone had a chance to see the Body Worlds exhibit?

It's here in Buffalo and I'm trying to decide whether my son would be able to handle it. He's 6 (barely) and into science but also very sensitive to death and harm. I think he would think it's cool (and maybe just bored after a while), my husband thinks it would scare him. Ethan said he thought it sounded cool, but also made a point of saying they "would only use already dead people, right?" so while he might think it sounds cool, in reality he might be freaked out by it.

I'm curious if anyone has brought their kids or not and what age you think it would be appropriate for.

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I haven't been, but I've heard it's amazing from my sister in law. Really only we know what our kids can handle. I'd say if you think he'd be interested take him, but be prepared to leave without seeing everything if he starts feeling freaked out. I will reccomend the DaVinci Machines in motion exhibit if it comes to a city near you. My 5 yr old really enjoyed that one.
That's where it's hard because I think he would be interested but my husband thinks not. Of course he's an ER doctor so he's coming from a place where things are scary and he wants to protect our kids from all these things to he sees ever day. Not entirely rational since we can't protect them to that degree but I can understand where he's coming from. The DaVinci exhibit sounds cool he'd definitely love that.
I can definitely reccomend DaVinci and the Mythical Beasts exhibit, we saw that one while we were in Boston. Let me know what you guys end up deciding about Body Worlds and if you go how it went.



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