My daughter is 15 1/2 months old. We are trying to break her of the bottle. Any ideas/suggestions? We have another one due in May so we are trying to break her of it by then.

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When the baby comes, we don't want her stealing the baby's bottle. Also, we have been told that bottles can ruin her teeth.
First, I can't imagine that the "stealing" thing will be a problem - the new Baby will have it's meals while you're there, won't it?

Then - could you give some more information? How many bottles and at what times? What content? How long does she take to drink a bottle.
Karies will only be a problem if the bottle is in her mouth for longer periods (like instead of a pacifier).

Our daughter is 16 month old and still has one bottle of formula milk each morning, normal food the rest of the day. We found that having a bottle in the morning gives her (and subsequently us) a much more relaxed start into the day.
My daughter doesn't drink formula, but rather milk in a bottle. I have been told, however, that pediatricians say that you should bottle break your baby after their first birthday.

My fiancee gives her a bottle anytime our daughter cries and we can't get her to stop any other way (like changing her diaper, holding her, etc.) because she can't stand her crying, and my daughter has a hard time going to sleep without a bottle. I'd say my daughter gets at least 4 bottles a day, includin her nap and bedtime bottle. My fiancee and her mother both think i am cruel because i try to only give her a bottle at nap time and bed time. Am I wrong here?
I understand your fiancee - I mean who can really stand their child crying? I'd say don't be hard on her just for a principle and whatever people tell you, she won't be still demanding bottles when she's 12. ;-)
As for the bedtime bottle - I think it might be desireable to change that if it's after brushing teeth. I guess it's not easy to change an established bedtime ritual, but perhaps you could try changing that gradually?
Go to a sippy cup with lids. You may want to try one bottle feeding at a time - just replace the bottle of milk/water/juice/whatever with the sippy cup filled with whatever. After a few days, replace another bottle time with sippy cup. The last one to change over will probably be the bedtime one. I like the sippy cups that have the valves so the liquid can't spill out. Good luck!
I'd start by putting less and less milk, or only water.
I wouldn't worry about her stealing the baby's bottle, she can have her own bottles and the baby can have his/her own as well.
She might need the bottle as a transitional object, so it might not be good to just take it away cold turkey or anything.
Our daughter's 2.5 and still gets/wants/needs a bottle, we also give her milk in sippy cups and regular glasses/cups
We've been told to reduce the milk because it is high sugar thus bad for teeth especially if given before sleeping (and not brushing teeth anymore)
Also the sucking apparently doesn't allow muscles needed for speech to develop as fast/good.
Still it's not to cave in when she really REALLY wants it and it is late and she's really tired but just will not go to sleep without ...
Oh and I also don't think stealing should be a problem, you do have more than one bottle I hope :-) ...
Will more than one bottle be required! Oh man, we need more money... jk! Yeah, we have several of them!!!

Thanks for the responses. It gives us stuff to think about!
Is it normal for my daughter to be more clingyu since we started weaning her off of the bottle? When she wakes up from a nap now, she won't let me put her down until about an hour after she got up, or she cries her lungs out. Is this normal?
Can you suggest other (new) activities, trying new food, a game, cudly toy or will nothing but the bottle (or holding) break the crying?
At those ages it should be possible to distract them with somthing else and let them forget what the crying was about, this gets harder every month though, our +2.5 yo can still get distracted but a small lapse in the interestingness of the new thing will bring the original thing back (currently anything that remotely looks like a pacifier even though she never had one she sees it on other kids and wants something too)
As an update, we found a sippy cup last week that she loves, and hasn't had the bottle since.
I got really mad at my fiance's grandmother because when he told her my daughter hadn't had a bottle in four days (this was a few days ago), she said "Praise the Lord!"

Out of respect for my fiancee I didn't say anything. But I wanted to shout at her, "The Lord had nothing to do with it! Cheryl and I are the ones that worked hard to get her bottle broke, not god!" as I mentioned above, I didn't say anything. :-(




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