Bill Moyers warns, in Bill Moyers: 12 Ways You Can Avoid Toxic Chemicals

Throw out colorfully-painted toys that were made outside the U.S. or Europe. They may look innocent, but  toys, crayons, ceramic and jewelry, particularly those manufactured in China or Mexico, may contain lead, and as any parent knows, children are likely to put these things in their mouths.

I'd recommend instead getting a lead test kit and testing such items. You can also test the solder joints in your plumbing, while you're at it.

I found the joints in my plumbing had lead solder and some tea cups from China as well. I now use an Aquathin portable purifier for drinking and cooking water.

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...removes salts and eliminates nitrates, heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides and disease causing waterborne micro-organisims from the water and is portable.

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