Talk to your kids about the danger of medications prescribed for someone else.

Increasing Problem of Prescription Drug Abuse Among Youth

The study focused on ... 7th- through 12th -- grade students ...

A total of 13.7 percent of the students reported using prescription drugs -- without a doctor's prescription -- in their lifetime.

The study cites national research that indicates kids are turning to prescription drugs to get high under the mistaken notion that they're safer than illicit drugs, yet national research has shown that even short-term use of non-prescribed, prescription medications can cause cardiovascular and respiratory distress, seizures and death. [emphasis mine]

Just one dose of a prescription painkiller can lower a teen's breathing rate and even result in death.

Teens who abuse prescription drugs aren't always taking them from a family member. Prescription drugs are also sold on the street like other illegal drugs.

The New Street Drug

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