Building a future in science with construction-based toys

The ability to mentally rotate shapes is needed in many skills. This talent isn't based on gender but on whether you played with toys like Legos.

...when researchers controlled for the impact of childhood play patterns, gender differences disappeared.

The new research highlights the need for more access to spatial training and experiences for girls and women -- or for anyone who desires success in a STEM career.

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Interesting article.  Personally, I'm not very good at rotating 3D objects in my head.  Not sure why.  

I don't think I played with Legos, but I did play with construction toys, and loved taking things apart to see how they worked, so that should have been enough.

Oh, man ... Erector sets, Kenner building and road construction sets, Lincoln Logs, wooden blocks, and later on, Legos ... I had 'em all.  Of course, I also had a civil/structural engineer for a father [though the less said about him, the better!].




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