Delayed Cord Clamping Protects Newborn Babies from Iron Deficiency,...

 The authors conclude that delayed cord clamping "should be considered as standard care for full term deliveries after uncomplicated pregnancies."

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It depends on the individual situation - are they more at risk of iron deficiency or jaundice - Of my 3 babies, the one I left the longest, he had jaundice and was yellow for a while.


I think there are too many variables to know what should be a standard practise - but I suppose you can go on averages.


I've had a few friends do Lotus births, where they leave the cord attached until it falls off naturally after a few days.

"While established research indicates that delayed cord clamping could prevent iron deficiency there are conflicting results regarding the risk of neonatal jaundice and other health problems."

It doesn't seem as cut and dry as the authors of the study portray.

Interesting study.



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