Prenatal Exposure to Acetaminophen and Risk of ADHD

Taking acetaminophen during pregnancy raises your baby's risk of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, especially taking it over 20 days.

After adjusting for familial risk for ADHD, indications of use, and acetaminophen use before pregnancy, long-term acetaminophen use during pregnancy is related to more than a twofold increase in risk for offspring ADHD.

Acetaminophen use for fever and infections for 22 to 28 days was associated with ADHD ...

Acetaminophen is the recommended medication for pregnant women with fever or pain and is widely used during pregnancy. Reports have suggested that acetaminophen is used by ∼65% to 70% of pregnant women in the United States and by ∼50% to 60% of pregnant women in western and northern Europe.1,2 Acetaminophen crosses the placenta and can be traced in the infant’s urine after prenatal exposure.3 In 2013, researchers conducting a sibling comparison in a large, population-based Norwegian birth cohort study suggested that prenatal acetaminophen use for 28 or more days was associated with poorer motor and communicational development and externalizing problems (ie, inattentiveness and aggression) in offspring.4 The following year, researchers conducting a large Danish birth cohort study found an association between prenatal acetaminophen use and both a clinical attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) diagnosis and ADHD symptoms in offspring5; later, researchers in other studies related prenatal acetaminophen use to rating scales of disinhibited behavior.6,7 [emphasis mine]

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