Prolonged Formula Feeding, Delay in Solid Foods Was Associated With...

Results of one study indicate that the risk for developing pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia increased the longer a baby was fed formula and the longer solid foods were delayed.

"If a baby is fed only formula, he or she will not be getting any immune factors from the mother, which could be leading to this greater risk."

Researchers found that the risk for developing ALL increased by 16 percent for every month of formula feeding. In addition, for each month the introduction of solid foods was delayed, the risk increased by 14 percent.

"One explanation for this co-risk may be that it's the same effect being picked up twice," said Schraw. "Children being given solid foods later may be receiving formula longer."

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this seems to be saying that there is a massive link between formula feeding and leukemia?

So it seems. The only mechanism they suggest is that breastfeeding provides the baby with immune factors, and formula doesn't. They suggest that it's safest to breastfeed, and then go to solid food. But in today's world mothers don't often get that option.

Majority of women should be able to breastfeed physically - but some just find it too demanding or physically painful or uncomfortable.




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