Energy drinks and alcohol are 'like cocaine' for teenagers: Caffein...

  • Purdue University study found adolescent brains react to caffeinated alcohol like an adult brain would react to cocaine
  • The combination damages brain's reward center, has devastating impacts that last long into adulthood
  • It triggered a rise in levels of dangerous proteins that have lasting neurological impacts, according to the study 

The potentially lethal combination of caffeine and liquor - such as vodka and Red Bull - triggers exactly the same reaction in a young person's brain.

Just as with the Class A drug, the cocktail can have a devastating affect on the chemical balance of the brain that lasts long into adulthood.

Worryingly, the research team at Purdue University also found if teenagers mixed energy drinks with alcohol, and then tried cocaine, they would crave greater quantities of the drug to replicate the same high.  

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