DOW's pesticide Dursban (chlorpyrifos), also called Lorsban (the agricultural version of Dursban), is widely in use in crops like apples, corn, soybeans, wheat, nuts, grapes, citrus and other fruit and vegetables. It harms developing fetuses.

The researchers in the study looked at the brain scans of 20 New YorkCity children with the highest exposure to chlorpyrifos at birth and 20 children with the lowest exposure to the chemical at birth. The children, ages 6 to 11...

Areas of the brain related to attention, language, reward systems, emotions and control may be affected by the chemical, the researchers found. The study also showed that high-exposure children didn’t have expected sex differences in their brains, which may affect their hormones and behavior as they get older,...

Pesticide Exposure in Utero Linked to Brain Concerns

Pregnant women should minimize proximity to agricultural and commercial areas where pesticide applications are taking place, wash fruits and vegetables before eating and try to find organic sources of food, Rauh said. [emphasis mine]


Shocking Health Effects of Commonly Used Pesticide: Brain Problems,...

Before it was banned for home use in 2000, Dursban caused serious damage. Read this account, especially beginning on the second page, if you have the stomach for it.

Jannette Sherman's  recount begins

Working as a legal consultant, I evaluated eight children with profound abnormalities whose families had proof of their child’s exposure to chlorpyrifos in the womb. I was stunned by how much the children resembled one another--they looked so similar they could have been siblings or cousins. The children were all severely retarded and needed feeding and diapering. One had quadriplegia and another died soon after I examined him.

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Also, the herbicide atrizine. It is believed linked to gastroschisis, where the childs intestines are located outside of the abdomen. My daughter was born with this defect. I strongly encourage pregnant woman living within 75 kilometers of farmland, to filter their water!

All of our water for drinking and cooking goes through a portable Aquathin unit. We remove the plastic carrying case, tape the three modules together, and run it from our kitchen counter from a dedicated water line. Our dual sink had two water taps. We utilize one for filtered water and put a large faucet that swivels on the other.

I'm sorry to hear about your daughter.

Everything turned out better than I could have expected! most children with the defect eat through a feeding tube for their first year of life, my daughter was in the hospital for only one month! I had amazing doctors! they were able to get everything back in with one surgery! she doesn't even have a scar, she was lucky enough to have everything pushed in through where her belly button would have been and they made her a new one! This is also rare! Science blessed her! Next time you hear of a miracle baby that god blessed, tell them about my little "heathen"!

What a relief to hear, thanks.

PCE, another reason to filter chemicals out of your water.

Prenatal and early childhood exposure to the chemical solvent tetrachloroethylene (PCE) found in drinking water may be associated with long-term visual impairments, particularly in the area of color discrimination, a new study led by Boston University School of Public Health (BUSPH) researchers has found.

Previous studies ... found associations between PCE exposure and cancer, as well as reproductive and developmental outcomes. Increases in the risks of breast cancer and certain birth defects were seen in the team's prior studies.

PCE, ... is still widely used in dry cleaning and metal degreasing solutions and is a common drinking water contaminant.

Early-Life Exposure to PCE, Chemical in Drinking Water, May Affect ...

We spent decades experimenting with various water filtration systems from different companies. Many work fine for the first few months or years then fail or you can't get replacement parts. We've now used Aquathin for abut 17 years without problems. New fliters have to be purchased yearly, and we've replaced the entire unit once or twice. For the cost, the portable unit is a best buy.




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