Elementary school principal's office with Christian symbols unintentionally offers a good analogy

From Friendly Atheist:

Texas Primary School Principal’s Office Includes Christian Symbols Everywhere

If you were to walk into Principal Julie Johnson‘s office at Monday Primary School in Kaufman, Texas, this is what you’d see along the way:


[...] A parent whose child attends the school knew those Christian symbols and statements crossed a line and informed the Freedom From Religion Foundation, who sent a letter to the District yesterday.

I’m sure Johnson thinks these are harmless because her intentions are good, but she’s still promoting religion in a way that would rub everyone the wrong way if it were any faith other than Christianity. [...]

(read the whole thing)

A noteworthy set of comments:

"I'm still trying to figure out who Pat Ece is..."

"I thought it was peatce. What in the world is peatce?"

     (Edit:)  Someone replied, "Oh, for peatce ache."

"Cat pee. May it be with you each day.
 I dig inspirational signage."

"It's an awesome analogy.
 Take a simple and concise message that you wish to teach,
 shove religion into it and muddy that lesson into incomprehensibility."

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