Hi.  I am interested in finding stories that have the elements of the fairy tale - adventure, medieval setting, etc. - but without the magical & spiritual elements of sorcerers, witches, spells, enchantment, etc.


This can be for any age group.  I'm really interested in Once Upon A Time stories but feel free to list any you can think of.  Thanks!

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I think you're going about it a good way.  Yeah, I think it would be great if more writers take up the cause of using imagination, and calling it imagination, so that way children are not confused.  I think there should still be creativity and wonder incorporated into the story.  I think it's a problem of creative people being told (indoctrinated) that their creativity stems from a god or their soul or something like that.  Anything other than from their actual brain.  It's the same with any art, like how we call certain music "soul" if it's just strong emotion, as if we wouldn't have that strong feeling without a connection to a god force or something.  But it's so liberating that we can create these things ourselves.  We need more creative Atheists :-) 
Thanks Mimmom :-)  Definitely creative suggestions.  I think it's cool that The Golden Compass is anti-religious, it's just a bit too creepy and scary for what I'm looking for.  I'm trying to find something without a lot of "scary" elements.  


Now the second one you mentioned sounds interesting because it reminds me of The Secret of Nimh in that the rats were intelligent because of the scientific experminents performed on them.  I really loved that film as a child, although it was scary at the time, lol!  I do like the concept of there being a scientific explanation for the animals talking and intelligence, not to mention that it's kind of an activist story in a way by showing the animal testing to be cruel. It doesn't explain the "magical" elements which if I were writing it I would change that.


This is really interesting to think of all these elements of what makes a good story, what makes it emotionally compelling, what keeps the reader/audience intently wondering what will happen, but without the elements I dont want, or finding a way to rationally explain the ones that make good stories.  For instance, Alice In Wonderland is entirely fantastical but it turns out to be a dream after all. 

Sherlock Holmes is another great idea, thanks!  Talking animals and silly things of the imagination are fine. 
Good suggestion with the folk tales. I used to think they were the same thing as fairy tales, lol. I have heard Tiki Tiki Tembo before and I thought it was such a great story and lesson :-) "Now Chang, say your brother's name with the proper respect!" Haha once you learn that name it will always stay with you - I know it did for me too.

I hope you don't mind, I'm not a parent but I'm fasinated by atheist parenting, child psychology, children's literature and the role that culture plays into it.  In particular, studying these subjects from my newly found atheist perspective.
Thanks for understanding :-) I'm definitely one of those people who likes to be prepared, too.
That's great! I really admire when people put such thought behind their decisions, especially for such an important decision as parenting :-) lol, I like the Alexander connection :)
I just watched an old Berenstain Bears episode. In some episodes they appear religious but other times they seem to be very humanist and promote skepticism. In BB meet Bigpaw, the town goes crazy on a rumor of a destructive gigantic bear, but mama bear keeps her cool and argues against listening to rumors and it turns out that Bigpaw was friendly and saved their children.



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