I don't know how this can be legal, but this is bs to th Nth degree.I found this on

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This is a local paper about the issue.

He is certainly being discriminated against for being an Agnostic.  What would they do if he was an Athiest?  Lynch him?

Fox is showing their bias!

Fox Headline=Father loses custody for being agnostic.

Local newspaper headline=Father-says-his-faith-cost-his-custody


As far as the pertenent facts of the case are.  He 'may' be an angry stalker with a temper.  Although if cussing in front of the kids is such a big deal I would have been in a foster home.  In the same order Mom is accused of not buckling her kids into their carseats, not feeding them breakfast regulalry, and leaving the kids at home alone (ages 7,4,6- WTF!) His ex wifes new boyfriend attacked him while he was saying bye to the kids.  I feel fairly certain that whatever he is up to, she is a manipulative crazy biatch.  Poor kids. They may be better off with dad.

This is ridiculous and scary. Being a single-father who is an atheist (so is my son's mother) it's sad to think that if my ex were vindictive enough she could go to church for a couple of weeks and then decide to take away my visitation rights based solely on my lack of religious belief.




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