Influenza vaccine is available, get shots now! 43% of children who died in the US from flu were healthy. Healthy kids went from first symptoms to death in only four days. If you're a nursing mother, a flu shot will help to protect your baby under 6 months (too young to be vaccinated). Of course, parents should protect themselves too.

Pediatric Studies Show the Flu's Deadly Danger, the Benefits of Sch...

New data ... shows the fatal risk that influenza poses even for children without underlying health conditions and the effectiveness of school-based vaccination programs in protecting student populations. Together, these findings support the crucial public health message that families should take the flu virus seriously every year.

... over an eight-year period ... 43 percent of the deaths occurred in children with no health conditions, such as asthma or diabetes, that would have predisposed them to being at high risk of serious flu complications. Moreover, the study found that those young, previously healthy patients succumbed faster. The median duration of illness from onset of initial symptoms to death was four days in children with no underlying high-risk health conditions compared with seven days in children with at least one such condition. "During the 2004-2012 influenza seasons, almost half the children who died had been previously healthy,"...

"The numbers demonstrate how important it is for all children, even children who are otherwise healthy, to get a flu vaccine every year, and underscore why all children with severe illness should get treated early with influenza antiviral medications."

For more information see Families Fighting Flu

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I honestly have not gotten my flu shot - so I will read this article - I didn't know about all those deaths.

Thanks Ruth.


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