New Research Warns Of Catastrophic Food Shortages Due To Unchecked ...

Feeding children will become really hard in 25 years.

The new research is from the Global Resource Observatory, a project of Anglia Ruskin University’s Global Sustainability Institute (GSI) partnering with the UK government’s Foreign Office; Lloyds of London; a “coalition of leaders from business, politics and civil society”; the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries; and both the Africa and Asian Development Banks.

The GSI group does business-as-usual forecasting using system dynamics modeling — arguably the only type of modeling that treats feedbacks and time delays well enough to even approximate what is coming. GSI Director Aled Jones explains that the group “ran the model forward to the year 2040.” The results were stunning:

“The results show that based on plausible climate trends, and a total failure to change course, the global food supply system would face catastrophic losses, and an unprecedented epidemic of food riots. In this scenario, global society essentially collapses as food production falls permanently short of consumption.”

What can parents do now? Contact your legislators to stop TPP [Trans-Pacific Partnership]. Why? Because this "trade" pact will legally subject all laws in signatory countries to trans-national corporate profit, including child safety and environment protection. In fact Ryan specifically added a rider that Climate Change negotiations would not trump corporate profit. Once Obama completes negotiating, congress will have one chance to defeat TPP, with no debate, and what's in the treaty will still be completely secret from citizens. Since Congress already supported TPP fast track, they are expected to pass it. TPP would be a Corporate Coup. Even the US Supreme Court would lose power to the secret corporate tribunals. This triumph of corporate profit will escalate Climate Change, and citizens will be powerless to stop it. Widespread starvation will be inevitable.

 Senate approves Fast Track Bill

Why the TPP Agenda Is Straight out of Alice in Wonderland

a summary, for those with little time

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Just in case you think this is far away, a new study suggests that all of the Tibetan Plateau permafrost will melt as temperatures rise between 1°C and 2°C, which is likely by 2036. Then about 20% as much CO2 as is now in the atmosphere will suddenly be added.

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We need to keep reinforcing these memes:

TPP will be a CORPORATE COUP, at the expense of human survival itself.

And TPP gives unprecedented power to transnational UNELECTED CORPORATE GOVERNMENT.

Is there a parallel to how Hitler and the Third Reich subverted Germany's democratic legislature? I don't think that's an extreme analogy.

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If I wasn't depressed, I am now!




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