Arvind Gupta (who I'm not familiar with; a google search tells me he's a well known science educator in India.) put this great little collection of free books together.

There looks to be a nice science section and if you scroll almost all the way down there's an entire section of Isaac Asimov PDFs that would be a great resource for teaching kids.

Just because I chuckled when I saw it, I particularly wanted to point out this book called "How Babies are made" it's one I'm well familiar with and read it quite a bit as a kid. The pictures still crack me up. LOL I'm pretty sure it's out of print now. It's a decent book for teaching the subject of reproduction in a simple way, without a morality component, for small kids. I'm sure there are plenty of other books out there these days but this one does the job and has the advantage of being free.

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Thanks for posting the link to How Babies Are Made. I had never seen this book before, and a day or two after I saw it my 3-year-old asked my wife how Jesus made us. I couldn’t remember where I had seen this book, and I searched for it but found it again only now. I’ll be sure to save the link now and read this with him. Thanks!




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