Friend of a friend produced this video. Can you imagine this or something like it in our classrooms? Oh, the uproar!


Since that's not likely to happen any time soon, perhaps we can share this video and some of the ideas in the lesson plans with our kids. The video is meant to be discussed during the quiet parts (the producer explains) like you might while reading a picture book.

For more info: 



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Thanks for sharing Dawn.  I am a K-5th grade science teacher, so this is intended for the age group I teach.  I think the sentiment is right on, and the presentation is age appropriate for younger elementary students.  One thing I did not particularly like about the film was that the pauses in between the dialogue were a bit too long.  It is always possible to pause a video if questions arise or an important discussion begins.  I found the long time span in between messages a bit distracting of the greater message of the video.  I hope you don't mind my honest impression.  I will check out the curriculum connections and lesson plans a bit later, as I have dinner on the stove!  Thanks again for sharing this.

No, I agree about the pauses. Even though it was done deliberately I found the time between thoughts was too long. I'd be afraid that it would lose young children's attention. 


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