Tell Patients: It's Not All About YOU

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta say that this is one of the worst flu seasons ever. The agency reported severe flu cases in 46 states during the last week of December 2012. Eighteen states are considered to be at epidemic levels.

Hospital emergency rooms are swamped with flu patients. Hospitalizations from the flu are already in the thousands.

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino has declared a public health emergency in that city because of a sharp rise in cases of flu. Boston has had ... a 10-fold jump over ... the previous year.

You Should Protect the Weak and Vulnerable

Why? It's not just a matter of self-interest. Ethically you ought to get a flu shot in order to protect the weak and the highly vulnerable.

Newborns and the immune-compromised cannot benefit from a flu shot; they lack enough immunity capability.

And fetuses are at great risk unless their mothers get a shot.

The best protection that those in these high-risk groups have is for those they come in contact with to have been vaccinated. The more that newborns come in contact with people who are vaccinated, the less likely they will die or get hospitalized due to the flu. [emphasis mine]

Don't give flu to your children, grandchildren, or pregnant women!

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