Just wanted to give you all a heads up - I've published a book on bullying called "The Bully Vaccine" at: http://thebullyvaccine.com 

It's one of the few books that is actually practical and teaches a step by step approach to help kids learn how to get bullying to stop. It's based on operant conditioning techniques that really do work. 

I taught them to my son in kindergarten when he first started getting hassled and he was able to get the bullying to stop. Everyone who has read the book so far is excited about it and yes, I do talk about religious and sexual bullying frankly and without himming and hawing. 

Help spread the word about this. Parents need to know what they can do that is pragmatic and that will work to help their kids deal with bullying. The Bully Vaccine

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I am going to buy your book. Thanks! I have your other books and they are wonderful!

Thanks - I hope it helps.  




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