Does anyone have experience home schooling?  Although we do not have children yet, I am planning on home schooling when the time comes.  I am just trying to see what it is like and whether or not I can handle the responsibility.  Also, is there anywhere one can see and check a particular curriculum?

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You're starting investigations early!  Home schooling is a mixed bag - I suppose there are pro's and con's to it.  It is hard work, especially as they get older and increases with the number of kids you have.  It's a big commitment to take on.

Yep, we're "crazy" homeschoolers of two boys. There are lots of places on the web to learn about homeschooling but if I can just recommend one site I'd suggest The forums are a great place to read what (secular) homeschoolers are talking about and there are links to a variety of secular curriculum/ed. materials. Don't get overwhelmed with curricula now (and curricula IS overwhelming), so much of it will be different by the time you have school aged kids. If you haven't already, I would start by learning about homeschooling styles.

It's hard, it's a lifestyle that you have to be willing to live, but it's also rewarding. IMO most responsible parents can handle the responsibility. Whether you succeed and stick with it, I think depends largely on what your expectations are and whether you can adjust your needs/expectations as needed to meet your children's needs.

It's also a commitment in terms of not being able to work and earn extra money - school is great for child care :)

We are crazy homeschoolers as well.  I have 2 girls, 7 and 8 years. 

It has been a few years now and I can't say I regret it at all.  Initially I wanted to homeschool because I wanted my kids to love learning and was afraid that there was a pretty good chance that school system would try to quash that. 

We unschool and that seems to be a great fit for us.  The whole "freedom from religion" has just been an added bonus.  Here is a little post that made a lot of sense to me;

* because the kids waiting at the bus stop down the road, laden with heavy backpacks, seemed so little
* because it didn’t feel right for my children to be away from me more of their waking hours than they were with me
* because I’m a better mom at the beginning of the day than at the end of it
* because I believe my kids have inner genius, and I want to help them uncover it
* because no one is as committed to their success as I am
* because I want them to have freedom–and extra time in their day to play, to think, to imagine
* because I don’t believe staring out the window longingly during a lesson deserves a punishment–instead, it deserves a break
* because children are not parts on a assembly line–they’re individuals in need of unique nurturing
* because I am in the privileged place to consider making this choice
* because the investment I’m making in them will one day reap dividends in the fruit of their lives
* because I cling to that belief on the hard days when it seems I’m making no difference whatsoever
* because I think traveling 6-8 weeks of the years makes for better learning than a year at a desk
* because hearts, not minds, most need reaching at this delicate age–and who better to reach hearts than a mom?
* because I am learning just as much as they are, and that’s fun
* because this choice has been the right one…for us

a passionate heart felt response :)

Atheist Nexus has two groups you might like, Atheist Homeschooling and Heathen HomeSchool.

Thanks Ruth.  I'll do that.


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