How To Explain Climate Change To Your Kids, Because It's Become A Parenting Necessity

In today's world, there are two "talks" parents must have with kids: reproduction and climate change. Here are some hints about how to do the second without terrifying them.

It's important that information about climate change comes from you, the parent, because—much as with that other big talk—if they don't hear it from you, you can only guess what they'll hear in the schoolyard. Yes, your precious child will likely attend school with children who have been told by their parents that climate change isn't real.

... numbers ... probably won't mean much to your kids. Plus, the idea isn't to scare the kids, but rather to make them care about the issue, thereby prompting them to help with the solution.

In the United States, the issue of climate change has become a trenchantly political one.

It's important for children to understand that the political aspects of the climate change conversation are a special—and especially bizarre—aspect of American politics.

Parents don't need to present climate change as an amorphous, terrifying Boogeyman that will destroy the world. Rather, parents can focus on the myriad ways that society is working to fix the problems caused by climate change.

So rather than talking about fossil fuel emissions, parents can talk about the potentials of solar power. Instead of worrying their children about deforestation, parents can explain how planting trees can help make the air cleaner.

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Here's a kid-friendly video to talk about climate change.

It's a lot easier to empathize with two hungry, disappointed kitties than to try to wrap one's brain around an entire global problem!


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