My son was having a rough day earlier this week and back in April I had picked up some Webkins dolls on sale for $5.00 each for gifts later (first time I've ever been quite so organized).  This day I decided to give him one.  When he asked how I got it I tried to keep the secret by giving him a hard time about Mommy Magic.  He kept asking questions and when it came down to the final "But where did you get it?" I told him by magicing it to me. 
Then he gave the ultimate retort: "Mom, that couldn't happen, it doesn't follow natural order."
Well, so much for my excuses. That's what happens when he is taught scientific and critical thinking skills from an early age.

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My wife keeps a stash of presents as well. They’re always good to have on hand!

What a wonderful story, Michelle! That’s a parenting triumph!

My 6-year-old goes to church every Sunday, and fortunately I know what the lessons are ahead of time so that I can inoculate him against the religious indoctrination. I often have a little question for him to ask his Sunday School teacher. Last week, the lesson was that Jesus heals the sick. I encouraged him to ask the teacher why God doesn’t heal amputees. Another lesson was about the importance of being a good example so that others will want to know Christ. I encouraged him to tell his teacher that people of other religions and no religion also want to be good examples for what they believe. Next week’s lesson is about obedience. I read to him Dan Barker’s Maybe Right, Maybe Wrong and encouraged him to tell his teacher that it is better to follow good principles than to be obedient.
So you are effectively teaching a room full of church kids critical thinking and making a Sunday School 'teacher' nuts. Good on you. Maybe we should start having him go sometimes.
Does your son actually ask, do you know? I'd love to hear how this goes down! :)
Hi Jenea,

I usually ask him after Sunday school lets out and we're in the car coming back home what the lesson was about and if he asked the teacher any questions. Sometimes he'll say something, and other times he doesn't, either because he forgets or he doesn't think it would be a nice thing to say. He did ask the teacher why God doesn't heal people who are missing arms or legs (he forgot the word "amputee," and he reported that the teacher said, "I don't know." She also probably told him that they'll get a perfect body when they're resurrected. I've thought about putting a tape recorder in the room so that I could listen later, but I won't -- that'd be just a little weird.
Interesting as it may be, I agree, wiring your kid may come across as a little extreme.
LOL. Too bad more adults can't make conclusions based on logic and natural order. :)




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