In their latest issue, New Humanist magazine has an article by Danny Postel in which he discusses his attempts to provide his children with some humaist reading material, partly as a counterbalance to the Christian texts (and religious services) their mother, a Catholic, has introduced them to.

His attempts raised some interesting questions and the article is well worth a read.

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He should read my article in 'The Humanist' magazine of June 09, where I speak about creating a community for children of secular parents, offering Rational Sunday School.
I broadly agree with you with regards teaching about different cultures and religions, Yvette, although one thing that did strike me when reading the article is that it is also important to point out that there are also people with no religion.

Thanks for the recommendation of Parenting Beyond Belief - I shall check it out in the very near future.
Though my child is only two, this article touches on some of the concerns I have as a parent. My husband is Christian, though he has a very Unitarian view point and we never really clash philosophically. We both agreed to respectfully teach and expose our children to a variety of experiences and beliefs and be content with whatever path they choose. However, I also find that there are comparatively few books and experiences as directly comparable to religious literature and church going. I've sort of resigned myself to teaching as much reasoning, logic, and science as possible as a counter belief to religion. I'm looking forward to reading Parenting Beyond Belief.




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