Hi there - I am conducting a bit of an informal survey of Humanist and Humanistic parents. If you are interested, please take the survey at survey monkey.



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So many people today are raised by divorced parents - I had one Freethinker parent and one Christian parent, and spent years with each, maybe questions could allow for this. 

I'm also a bit unclear on the use of the term "Freethought activities" - I'm not sure if the things we do instead of church - activities in nature & with the mostly Freethinking folks at the local nature center, science center, museum, playing games, camping, stuff I host for local kids - being a free-thought parent who values rationality, science, and rational ethics myself, do these count as Free-thought activities? If they do, I spend thousands of dollars a year, and do Free-thought activities weekly. If you only count things like UU events, we never do those because the local ones seem religious or new-agey, and my child doesn't like that kind of atmosphere. 

Thanks for the feedback Carolyn - I was limited in the number of questions I could ask unless i paid extra.  But yeah - I was asking about formal activities. I too do tons of stuff related to freethought but on my own, not as part of a group. That seems to be the pattern.




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