Is this legal? Passing out Christian Daycare brochures at open house public school

I just went to my daughter's Kindergarten open house today. There was a woman from a Church daycare passing out flyers to all the parents. I told her that we wouldn't be going because I didn't want my daughter indoctrinated with that. She was nice and understood. I did, however, take a flyer because I wanted to be able to refer to it when I complained.

I complained to the classroom teacher. She was surprised but wasn't sure if it was legal or not. She referred me to the principal. I plan to talk with her next.

I don't know if it is illegal or just inappropriate. I plan to complain either way. However, I would like to know if it actually breaks the law. Does anyone know?

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Well I sent an email to the principal. I asked her about the policy and such. After getting all of your feedback I decided that since my daughter wasn't solicited, my real objectives became
1. to find out the policy
2. to find out if this daycare followed the policy
3. to let her know there were parents who weren't Christian

So I didn't so much as send a complaint as an inquiry.

School is closed today because of the hurricane. So, I am not expecting to hear anything until after it's over. But I wanted to go ahead and send it.

Thanks everyone.
That sounds like a great way to handle the situation.  I'll be interested in hearing how the principal replies.  Good luck with the hurricane!
Heard from the principal. She didn't say much. Just that it was approved through the central office. She claimed the girl scouts were there too. I didn't see them. Better the girl scouts than the boy scouts.
Interesting.  I wonder what it takes to get something approved through the central office?  I wonder what would happen if you asked permission to pass out Camp Quest information?
I wonder too. Maybe I'll try it sometime.
After re-reading her email, I see that she said the girl scouts had permission but didn't show up.


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