Is this legal? Passing out Christian Daycare brochures at open house public school

I just went to my daughter's Kindergarten open house today. There was a woman from a Church daycare passing out flyers to all the parents. I told her that we wouldn't be going because I didn't want my daughter indoctrinated with that. She was nice and understood. I did, however, take a flyer because I wanted to be able to refer to it when I complained.

I complained to the classroom teacher. She was surprised but wasn't sure if it was legal or not. She referred me to the principal. I plan to talk with her next.

I don't know if it is illegal or just inappropriate. I plan to complain either way. However, I would like to know if it actually breaks the law. Does anyone know?

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that just means we need to step up. rationalists need to have the level of community and organisation that the religious do.
Easier said than herding.
Churches aren't completely bad. If you can get the religious dogma out of them then then can be pretty nice communities. I went to a UU church a couple of times and it seemed to have all the nice things about a church (community, community service, education) without the bad parts. I was only there a couple of times but that was my impression.
I have heard of that one too. We don't have any around here. I would try it if we did. I also like Humanistic Judaism. I only went to that once but I really liked it. I hear Reconstructionist Jews are pretty secular too. I haven't attended any services though.
the problem is finding such an organisation that posesses that level of community without including ritual. even without religion, most people insist on having some sort of ritual in their lives, ceremonies and symbolism.
I actually enjoy the ritual, esp. if they are cool rituals. We used to go to a reform jewish synagogue and I really enjoyed their rituals. Catholic ones seem kind of cool too. As long as people don't take the ritual too seriously or believe supernatural meaning behind it, I think it can be fun. I see it more like a tradition. They aren't for everyone. But I enjoy them.
tradition makes me retch
Yep, definitely not for everyone. I think it's one of those things that only those who enjoy it should do it and not take it too seriously. And those who don't like it should be allowed to pass w/o getting any hassel from those who do it.
if a person enjoys some traditional cultural activity on aesthetic grounds, they should start a club. what i don't like is the idea of doing something just because you, or people like you, have done it in the past.
i don't see how it could be illegal or inappropriate, i'm pretty sure any daycare or after school programme can pass out any flyers they want.

It might not be illegal but it definitely seems inappropriate. You really think it is appropriate for a religious day care to hand out flyers in a public school? I wonder how the school and other parents would feel if it were an islamic day care or a pagan one? I have a feeling it wouldn't go over well.


Also, I bet an islamic one wouldn't be approved by the school board. 


I really want to know if this place got special treatment. If the daycare my friend manages can't get her daycare advertised at the school without going through the school board... I have a feeling that this one didn't go to the school board. I intend to find out.

what you're advocating is special treatment, like a religious day care should be excluded when others are allowed. THAT is inappropriate.


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