An Open Letter to My Daughter: Don’t Trust the Make-Up and Cosmetic...

... the “Personal Care and Products Council” (the cosmetic industry’s lobbying organization) spent a whopping $1,110,000 last year lobbying the US Congress against laws that would have helped eliminate known poisons from products like baby shampoo. make sure that cancer-causing ingredients STAY IN products meant for you, your friends, and your baby brother.

In just one example of many, they paid one lobbyist $20,000 to argue against the “Ban Poisonous Additives Act of 2009″. (This is NOT a typo. They argue AGAINST banning poisonous additives, literally).

Because of the activism of the “Campaign for Safe Cosmetics,” Johnson & Johnson ... is now agreeing to ‘phase’ out carcinogens from its baby products. [emphasis mine]

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