Pediatric Anesthetic Risk: Ketamine May Damage Children's Learning ...

Children are more vulnerable to neurological damage from anesthetics. Ketamine has long term side effects.

Recent studies have found that anesthesia drugs have neurotoxicity on the developing neurons, causing learning and memory disorders and behavioral abnormalities. Ketamine is commonly used in pediatric anesthesia.

A clinical retrospective study found that children under 3 years old who received a long-time surgery, or  -- because of surgery -- required ketamine repeatedly, exhibited learning and memory disorders and behavioral abnormalities when they reached school-age.

Researchers now speculate that these abnormalities may be related to the potential neurotoxicity of ketamine. [emphasis mine]

Ketamine, abused as a recreational drug is called Special K.

Its effects are similar to PCP but less violent.

Signs of Ketamine Abuse

It has also been used as a treatment for depression which does not respond to other therapies. It would be important that such a depressed patient not be pregnant.

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