Share some of your kids funny comments, misunderstandings or moments of brilliance that took you by surprise.

Please remind us of your kids name and age so we can get to know them better too.

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Ethan is 5. He was watching former president Bush speaking on TV. I don't remember what he was talking about but my son asked me "mom, does the government live in the church". I just about spit out my chai over that one.

Recently my almost 3yo, Justin was helping his dad make pudding using the little electric mixer. When they were finished he asked us if he could "lick the beavers". eek!
Same here, the boys are always making it known that they don't like my music choices. Particularly in the car where they'd rather just yell at each other.
Charlotte, my six-year-old, has a boy in her class who likes to preach to her about God. The other day she told me, "Yeah, he said, 'God made you!' And I said, 'No, my mom made me. And anyway, if God's real, then who made God? And who made the thing that made God? And who made the thing that made the thing that made God?!'"

I was so proud.
That's some six-year-old--you should be very proud! There was a well-known Princeton U. philosophy professor (whose name escapes me at the moment) who is said, at about that age, to have asked his parents, "If God is everywhere, then when I go into the kitchen, do I push a little bit of him out into the hall?" Maybe you have a budding philosophy professor.
My 18 month old daughter has a new game. She walks up to people, tugs at their trousers, points at their backsides and says: "Da - Kacka!" ("There - PooPoo!") then she starts waving her hand in front of her nose.
I guess for her it's just replaying everyday experiences, but the looks of some of her "victims" are priceless.

What is always amusing to me is when the kids do something, I wonder where they got that from and then later find myself doing or saying more or less exactly what they did.
I am a Nanny to a 3 year old, JT. The other day we were having a "fun Friday". We went to his favorite resturant (McDonald's) for lunch and then to The Watermelon Patch (a Mobile ,AL play place). Before we left for this day of fun I told him we had to go TT, before we left. SO... JT went potty while I made sure we had everything we needed, he comes back sp excited about leaving that he didn't put his pants back on just his underoos! I giggled and told him "Go put your pants on silly, you can't go to McDonald's in your underwear!" He gives me a strange look, and then we both go to the bathroom to get his pants back on, then he starts to take his underwear off! Shocked, I ask "What are you doing silly boy?" and he answers " Randa, you said I can't go to McDonald's with my underwear on!" I laughed and just pulled his pants up and out the door we headed! So we get to McDonald's and JT stops cold in his tracks at the door! He looks up at me with big sad eys, about to cry, and says " I can't go in... I still have my underwear on!" I had to stop and explain that he can wear his underwear in McDonald's but he just had to have pants on over them! I was so just so tickled by it all!
Aww, sweet. Preschoolers have such a strong sense of right and wrong. Once they get it into their head that something is wrong it can be very hard to convince them otherwise.
When my boy was 4 we went to a few "welcome home" ceremonies for the returning troops at Ft. Hood. Of course the reception was spattered with prayers and general thanks to God for getting the troops home safely (I know we'd all rather thank the equipment manufacturers, good trainers, great leaders, etc. for getting them home safely but this is our government we're talking about). My son has spent a good portion of his life with his Mormon and Catholic sets of grandparents who have instilled the act of bowing your head during a prayer in him. During the second prayer he started to bow his head but shot a look my way and asked, "Do I have to bow my head?"

"No, son. You don't have to bow your head." He maintained a grin and looked around at everybody else as if he'd just figured out a big secret that they hadn't. The look was priceless.
My kids always look at me when others bow their head. They know the don't have to if they don't want to, but they still seem to need that verification, lol.
Yesterday I took my daughters, aged 22 months and 3ys, to feed the ducks and geese at the park. They cracked me up. The yougest kept asking "Hi ducky, what chu name?" The oldest said "Hi ducks, my am is... hey, ducks don't talk?"
My 5 year old, in public "... cuz Daddy you have to wash your penis and keep it clean, right? Just like your teeth."

Me: Um, yeah. Come on let's go.




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