Share some of your kids funny comments, misunderstandings or moments of brilliance that took you by surprise.

Please remind us of your kids name and age so we can get to know them better too.

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That's funny. I taught my 4 year old that's it's not nice to call someone fat, so she's refers to them as 'jolly'. So when she sees someone that fits the description she'll say, "Mommy, that person is really jolly, you know, the other word for fat". I've told her she doesn't have to explain the last part, but she's proud of the fact that she isn't calling someone mean name.
My three-year-old daughter, Ronja, cracked me up on the drive home from her school today. We went to pick up her little sister at daycare, and she was showing her armpits to the daycare provider. She normally uses the Finnish word, kainalo, but I mentioned that she was showing her armpits to Michelle, the provider. Later on in the drive, she pointed to the spot behind her knee and said, "Look, Daddy, I've got a leg pit!"
This weekend I had a talk with my 6 yr old son Austin about where the Earth came from and where humans, trees, animals and so forth, came from. I tried to explain it to him in a way he could understand. Big bang and evolution kinda tough for me to explain to him. He said "god made everything I think." and so i said that i believe god is kinda like some of the fairy tales that he reads and that earth and other planets came from a big explosion, and tiny amoebas became fish, became lizards, birds, etc...(not necessarily in that order.) So i get home today and my wife says Austin was telling other kids on the bus today that god is just a fairy tale and people came from fish and so on. i was pretty amazed that he retained all of what I said and I realize that he's smart enough to learn more about science and our beliefs than his school is going to teach. i told him that he probably shouldn't tell other kids that god is a fairy tale to often because everyone can believe whatever they want to believe and that that's why its good that we live in the US and have the freedom to believe anything we want, and that that's not the case in other countries. So I'm pretty proud right now but hope i don't have to hear from any angry parents this week. Awkward
Awesome (not if you get in hot water from other parents of course) that he was not only able to follow along, but re-tell what you told him in his own words.
We were discussing the reason for Easter this morning (according to the religious vs. non-religious) when my son piped up with " Jesus died on Friday and he came back on the Easter Bunny." I think he's just messing with me (he's 9yrs) but I thought it was cute!



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