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Funny and horrifying -- Alice Dreger, a professor of medical humanities and bioethics, live-tweeted sitting in on her son's abstinence-based "sex education" class, and talked about it in the Huffington Post.

While she tweeted that the curriculum at her kid's school is "not technically abstinence-only," the class involved horror stories about sex and drugs, constant [false] claims about the failure rates of various contraceptives, paper "babies" handed out to students and no information about oral or anal sex.

(And, apparently no information about many types of contraception!)

"I'm incredibly glad this happened because it is causing a useful national movement of parents planning to audit what is REALLY being taught to their kids. Forget what the curriculum says. Find out what's true. In our school's case, I discovered what's really being taught is 'good girls say no; bad girls say yes' and '1 in 6 times you have sex with a condom you'll get pregnant.'"


Some highlights:

I feel like raising my hand and saying "Can I tell my sexual history, which involves a lot of pleasure before and during marriage?" And how I've had a lot of lovers and have never gotten pregnant by accident?

He and the girl [who got pregnant] both had alcoholic fathers. But somehow he's not recommending never drinking.

(a reply) education by worst case scenario is fun, now isn't it? Imagine if we taught shop or music that way.

She's now telling story of condom box in which EVERY SINGLE CONDOM HAD A HOLE.

(a reply) Maybe she should stop getting them from "Larry's Discount Condom Shack"

She mentioned drop of pregnancy rates. And didn't mention teens having sex is UP.

I would teach that sex should be pleasurable and respectful. He said, "WHAT ABOUT DISEASE PREVENTION?" I said that's part of respect, duh.

Teacher says to me "I agree that sex is good in a loving relationship." I said it can be plenty terrific without. He looked shocked. Shocked

Then he tells me my kid "AMBUSHED" the speaker because he brought a printout of http://www.advocatesforyouth.org/publications/publications-a-z/409-the-truth-about-abstinence-only-programs … and challenged abstinence education.

I just want to grab all those kids after school and say HERE IS THE TRUTH. SEX FEELS GOOD. THAT'S WHY YOU SEEK IT. TAKE CARE & HAVE FUN.

(a reply) "Sex feels good. Emotions can and will get involved. Be kind to each other. Be safe. Be respectful." BOOM.

(Read the whole thing!)

(I wouldn't have minded having had a mom like that!!!)

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Teacher: “Seatbelts and air bags are not 100% effective in preventing injury in traffic accidents. There IS no such thing as ‘safe driving.’ The only way to be safe is to NEVER DRIVE. So, DON’T. Class dismissed!” (Students are quizzical and shocked.) Caption: “What if the public schools’ ‘abstinence only’ policy applied to things other than sex?” Students outside the drivers ed room: “Easiest. Class. EVER!” “Wanna go drag racing in the parking lot?” “Hellz yeah, dude!”



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