Ethan (green shirt) at the 1:12 mark answering a question and Justin (red/grey stripe shirt) at the :60 mark giving a hug to another child. We were playing at the local mall last week, they were there doing this story. The gimmick was that even kids could do a better job settling their differences than the yahoos in the NY legislature.


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That is so cool! I notice your kids are not only cute, they're damn smart, too!
Hehe, thank you!
Fantastic! Who says that kids who are raised with humanistic values cannot be good kids or understand kindness?

My 11 year old was at the 4-H camp today and they were talking about stress and healthy ways to cope with stress. Anyhow a checklist was given out that inclued 'religion' as one of the things a person could use to help manage stress (if I'm understanding my son correctly). The kids were supposed to check off the things they use/do to manage stress. One of the adult counselors happened by and noticed that my son left the 'religion' box unchecked. She asked him why and he said, "I don't have religion. I don't believe in god". He said she looked surprised and told him he probably needed to check the box and walked away and looked annoyed.

"She gave me a really weird look", my son said.

Poor folks. They just can't conceive of not others not needing imaginary friends! And at a 4-H camp! The horror!
Sad. Sad that someone (a child no less) who doesn't believe in god is an annoyance to other people. Good for your son, although to him I'm sure her reaction was puzzling.
My second grade teacher used to send back my papers with my first name "corrected" for spelling. (Which is why I changed my name to Angie when I was 12.)
That's awesome! Did your kids make a big deal out of it, or could they care less since they were playing?
They really didn't care much. I showed the video to Ethan and he seemed totally unimpressed that he was on TV. Perhaps if we had actually seen the news broadcast he would have felt differently.




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