Broccoli v. French fries: Appealing to teens' impulse to rebel can ...

...young teens have a heightened sensitivity to perceived injustice and react against authority. And their newfound social conscience and desire for autonomy can motivate many of their decisions - even food choices.

"Our goal here was to portray healthy eating as a way to take a stand against injustice - to stand up for vulnerable people who lack the ability to protect themselves."

To capture the motivating power of these values, researchers worked with groups of eighth graders to reshape their perception of healthy eating as an act of independence that serves the purpose of social justice.

"We took a two-pronged approach to this," Bryan says. "First, our healthy eating message was framed as an exposé of manipulative food industry marketing practices that influence and deceive adolescents and others into eating larger quantities of unhealthy foods."

The researchers also described journalistic accounts of such industry practices as engineering processed foods to maximize addictiveness and to encourage overconsumption, as well

Additionally, researchers outlined manipulative industry practices like disproportionately targeting poor people and very young children with advertisements for the unhealthiest products.

"We framed healthy eating as a way to 'stick it to the man' - we cast the executives behind food marketing as controlling adult authority figures and framed the avoidance of junk food as a way to rebel against their control." [emphasis mine]

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Splendid strategy, Ruth. It gives teenagers a wrong that needs righting and the resources to become a champion for the underdog and uneducated. I can see my granddaughters and great-grandchildren going for this. 

Jamie's Sugar Rush - Full Documentary (47 Minutes)

Jamie Oliver makes public in a big way what dentists have known for a long time. My former husband, Don, was a dentist in the military. He discussed the problems he had teaching mothers to not put a teething child to bed with a bottle of milk or formula. It was a perfect medium to cause tooth decay. I knew some of the families that he treated and could see them allowing candy, gum, and hard candy all day long, creating a constant flow of food in which bacteria grew. 

So, mothers and fathers, take heed, you may be allowing a habit to continue that will cost you a fortune as your children grow. Don't blame the dentist for the high dental bills, learn how to take responsibility and give better care for your kids. 


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