Public health officials are considering promoting routine circumcis...

I know we've already had the circ. debate but it's looking like the AAP will be reversing it's prior stance on circumcision (not medically necessary) to recommend it for all newborn boys to help curb the transmission of H.I.V. and other STDs.

Personally, I think this is a questionable move and I'm disappointed. There is not enough evidence that in the U.S. circumcision is necessary to curb STD transmission. I also worry about how this will effect women. While circumcision MAY help curb transmission rates for men, a condom is still required so that women are not infected by their partners. I worry that emphasis on condom use will diminish and therefore put more women at risk for transmission.

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head meet desk

Will their insanity ever end?

My husband born in '68 and grew up in HI (although was born in Korea). I'll have to ask him what the rate of circ was among his male classmates. I'm sure he'll love that :)


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