My sister is an atheist in Cary, NC, and she mentioned to me there is a billboard campaign promoting non-theism. I think this is great, but to be honest, I'm a bit of a coward and don't even have "athiest" on my Facebook account. I don't want to deal with prejudice or having arguments with people about why I don't beleive. The folks who put their faces on these billboards are very courageous. Any else as hesitant as I am to reveal my beliefs o (or lack of)? 


I hope these billboards find their way to New Jersey.

check out the billboards


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I was hesitant for a while (especially after my daughter started school), but after a bit, I realized that I was actually showing my daughter that it is "taboo" or "wrong" to be of the mindset that we are (thankfully, my husband is also an avowed atheist).  I then became more vocal about our lack of belief, and didn't try to skirt the issue when another parent would ask us what church we went to.  Granted, it has lost us a few friends, but the friends who are worth a damn are the ones who know that our belief system (or lack of) isn't what make us good people.  I decided to take it on the chin, as it were, for the sake of being a better role model for my daughter.  I never want her to be afraid to be herself.


I would LOVE it if these billboards came to New Jersey. :)  I'd sign up!

I'd probably be not brave enough but not because of being an atheist but for being too much of an introvert and not wanting to put myself center stage. I don't have a problem revealing my lack of belief in god when people bring up the topic. It hasn't cost me friends or family, still I have sometimes sensed a wariness about some people once they know, sort of like they don't know how to relate to me.

Where we live now in western MA it's really a non-issue though. I'd be surprised to see the billboards here.

Yes, I am. I think that the billboard campaign is great. Part of me wants to do it, but the other part of me doesn't. The two things that hold me back are (1) my daughter is still young and I'm afraid that parents of the other kids would hold it against her and (2) I am afraid that it might mean not getting a job which I might apply for in the future.

I doubt they will hit my little town but I do enjoy the virtual billboards that Freedom From Religion is doing.




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