Hello everyone! A couple weeks ago I posted a bit of an introductry of my situation with my Daughter, and her "other" family.. At the time I didnt realize how serious it was, and now Im at a complete loss and need some advice!


Ok, well, I have since found out that my Daughters "other family" help out at a churches homeless shelter for recovering addicts and other misc. people, and they trust them, alone, with the small children! That concerns me there, but on top of that, one of the people who was staying at this homeless shelter, has been kicked out and is now LIVING with my Daughter and her step-mom!


Now they wont tell me anything about this lady, for one, why is she homeless (by poor luck, or drugs) and it was my Daughter who informed me she was from the shelter. My boys who had gone with them there a couple times confermed she was really from there.

My Daughter tells me that this lady babysits her and her younger sibblings, and also that she is allowed to give baths, and that she has bathed my daughter!

I was appauled when I heard that, but there is no saying anything to the other half, they would just say, as they always do, "Jesus has called to me and told me I must take care of this person"!


That is not the only behavior that concerns me, they have a "mission clothing exchange store" in their living room that they open up to everyone in the community on saturdays and sundays, and they dont live on a great side of town, there is a lot of crazy people in the area!


And, on top of that, they had my boys one time when I had to rush to the hospital, the forced my boys to a church with them, and my Daughters dad told the people in charge that they must hire him, "for I am the next Christ, and I can save your people in 2012!" Exact words! And yes, he does believe this!!


I am at a lost, I dont know where to go from here! Any advice, words of wisdom, anything!!

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Shudder. I'd wonder what else Jesus might call them to do. I would be concerned as well. Do you think it's always been like this in the house or is this "mission" something that has escalated recently?

Things I would consider: What are your rights as the non-custodial parent? Do you have legal counsel you can talk to about this? Are there any grandparents you can trust to be involved and keep watch? If there's someone else living there it seems like you should (although I don't know) have the right to find out who and what their background is. I also would calling CPS. If you aren't doing so already, start writing down everything you see and hear in a journal.
Wow, good luck with this. I wish I had some really good advice for you. I agree that it won't hurt to call CPS. However, I am really not sure that there is a lot they could do. You could at least ask if there is (stranger in the house and all). Maybe they could (or somehow you could) find out the homeless lady's information and you could run a background check on her. At least you might be able to find out if she's been convicted of child molestation or anything. Another idea is to hire a private investigator to check her out.
Hey Tabi - do you mind telling us what state this is? Each state, and actually each county, has specific laws pertaining to child custody. My mother works for CPS in Virginia and has worked previously in NY. I have worked alongside CPS case workers in NY. I may be able to help provide insight in those two states, but I don't know much about other states.
We are in Texas
That's awful! As a parent, you do have rights on who they allow in the home with YOUR child. Did you do a standard custody court order?
Yea we did, and Im sapposed to have her for a little while tonight for her birthday, and theyre trying to avoid me! Im getting all I can take from them! Ive been tolerate, and nice, and I just dont think I can do it anymore! Classic Christians, both of them are cheating on each other, and the both tell me a little bit about what they do!
I dont know why.. probibly cause I dont care..


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