Although I have resisted in the past to set down specific guidelines for this group I feel it has become necessary. This is not done lightly, nor is it an attempt to hinder free speech. These guidelines will help to define the purpose of this group and to keep in line with A/N policies.

We are first bound by Ning's Terms Of Service and Atheist Nexus' Rules and Guidelines.

Ning Terms of Service
Atheist Nexus Rules and Guidelines.

About PLH

This group exists for the purpose of discussing issues relating to parenting and raising our children. PLH is meant to be a comfortable place that parents of A/N can come to share information, ask for advice, share their child's achievements, or just vent about issues they may be facing in their family. Posts need not be limited to religion or parenting as an atheist, but they must be specifically related to raising children and family issues.

Topics, articles and questions can include but are not limited to:

~Parenting styles/discipline
~Pregnancy and birth
~Feeding babies, toddlers and older children
~Kid friendly recipes
~Extra curricular activities
~Toilet training
~Book recommendations. Parenting books or books for the kids
~Science regarding child development
~Approaches to teaching children about religion or other topics of interest
~Parenting related website recommendations
~Web resources designed for children
~Sexuality and gender issues relating to our kids.
~Movies, TV, and other entertainment issues geared toward children.
~Occasional bragging about our children's accomplishments


Certain topics are bound to be hot button issues and generate controversy. For example:

~Vaccinations -- This board is officially pro-vaccination. I expect you will find that most members generally look favorably on vaccinations although of course there may be some room for debate. Anti-vaccination propaganda will be considered spam and subject to removal.

~Spanking -- This board is officially against spanking and other forms of corporal punishment. Debate is not strictly prohibited but understand that pro-spanking is not likely to be received well.

~Vegan/vegetarian vs. omnivorous/carnivorous eating for children. This board has no official position and feels that it is up to parents to decide how to best feed their children. However, members may have very strong feelings one way or the other. Personal requests for feeding help should be respected and remain debate free.

Use Common Sense:

The subject of parenting is a broad one covering all aspects of life therefore it is inevitable that there will be crossover with other groups. However, while a particular topic may involve children that doesn't mean it is appropriate for this group. Before posting please consider whether your topic would be a better fit for another group. Do not post the same topic in more than one group or forum. Doing so is against A/N policy. All posts will be reviewed by a moderator and are subject to removal if they are deemed substantially off topic.

~Human Rights issues involving children are a great fit for the Amnesty International group.

~Environmental issues not directly related to teaching children about the environment are best placed in the Environmental Atheists group.

~Animal Rights issues not directly related to teaching children their relationship with other living beings are best taken to the Humane Atheists group.

~Discussions regarding food selection for Vegans/Vegetarians may find better information from the Vegetarian/Vegan group. Debates about personal food choices will not be allowed in PLH.

~Discussions about politics are most likely inappropriate for this group. There is a Politics forum as well as numerous groups dedicated to the topic of politics.

These are just a tiny example of the diverse number groups that can be found on A/N. Please be considerate of the diversity at this site and post content appropriately. 

Posting Rules:

~Be respectful. Ad hominen, personal attacks will not be tolerated. 

~While we all may have strong opinions regarding parenting practices, it is generally not appropriate to debate individual members personal choices. Keep this in mind when responding to requests for advice or support. It's not necessary for us all to agree, but replying with empathy and kindness is much appreciated.

~Provide sources for statements made when requested. If a statement is personal opinion make that clear.

~Do not post copyrighted articles, images, videos or other media without properly attributing to the original source. If you didn't write, photograph or create it then credit and source must be present.

Basically use your best judgment, be considerate and follow the Golden Rule. These guidelines are subject to modification at any time as the need arises and without warning.

If you need to contact me privately for any reason I can be reached by email at, or via private message to Dawn K. You also have the option to contact A/N site wide moderators by using the report an issue option (found in the "About Us" drop down menu).

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