13-Year-Old Scientist's Research Shows Hand Dryers Can Hurt Kids' Ears

Little girl tests sound levels of hand dryers in public rest rooms.

... Xlerator hand dryers and two types of Dyson Airblade hand dryers posed the greatest threats to children's hearing. These types all exceed 100 decibels — a volume that can lead to "learning disabilities, attention difficulties, and ruptured ear drums," according to the study.

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My recollection is that the EU is far ahead of the US in regulating noise levels from appliances. (Not much will change in the States as long as corporatists are firmly in control of the federal government and regulatory agencies...)

So, let's get busy informing the public that electric hand dryers, which exceed 100 decibels, i.e., Xlerator hand dryers and two types of Dyson Airblade hand dryers posed the greatest threats to children's hearing. 

I did not give notice to soundwaves of hand drying as a threat to children's hearing. Thanks for the information. I guess disposable paper towels provide the best source for children, especially in schools. OH! Dear! Remember picking up all those dirty paper towels off the floor at the end of a school day! Ah! Here is a teachable moment; teach children to clean up after themselves. 

For adults too, quieter appliances are a good (and healthier) thing!

I'm holding on to an old hair dryer with an iffy switch because it's a quiet model that's noticeably softer than regular ones, both overall and in the especially annoying high frequencies.

That makes sense. 

Do hair dryers harm pets' ears? How about vacuum cleaners? Our dogs hate the vacuum cleaners and run to hide for relief. I guess that answers my question. With Dominic, I tell him I am going to vacuum and he knows the word. He tells me where he wants to go, into the bathroom or outside, before I get the machine out.  

Dogs and cats have more sensitive hearing than humans, and can hear significantly higher frequencies. That's great that Dominic gets a heads-up and a chance to escape the worst of the noisy sucking monster!

Interesting, Joan. Smart dog!

Actually read the NPR article. Nora Keegan took measurements at various heights and distances, and summarized her results: "Hand dryers are actually really, really loud, and especially at children's heights since they're close to where the air comes out."

Taking data from ear level of children seems an apparent measurement to make. I wonder if the corporations who ignore the data have even tested at that level? 

We understand the different perspectives of eye-level, now we can know the problems that might exist at ear-level. 

Just a bit off the topic, I live deep in the forest and can barely hear the cars and trucks that travel on the county road. I sit on the porch for morning coffee and hear an owl hoot as it flies through the trees and chickadees. I hear many other birds that I cannot name. 

I'd love a picture of your view from the porch in the morning. Even better a short video, so we can hear how quiet it is. I have lawn furniture in the back, facing a green strip, but am afraid of disease-carrying mosquitoes. I used to enjoy bird song in the Spring.




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