There was an older link about scouting, but I'm not finding it. Here is where I'm stuck.
I have a 6 year old boy who is also an only child. He loves, even craves, more time with other children and; I feel that peer interaction and self identification, away from parents, is very good for him. However, because the Boy Scouts (Girl Scouts have made other choices that are more inclusive, from my understanding) continues to be a Christian Organization I do not wish to allow them that much access to my child. I also do not wish to fund them, more than my taxes do already.
The other complication comes from the source of my son's interest. He found out about it by a flyer at school.
My instinct is to set up a meeting to respectfully discuss with the principal why I feel that allowing a religious organization to contact our children in a public school when parents are not present is inappropriate and unreasonable without multiple alternatives. (Muslim scouts? Druid camping?) This is not the first item, there is also an after-school group that meets with children, but there is not clear outline as to why children are set up with them, and it is a church, but done through the school. He is also growing increasingly upset about the pledge issue. I would go to the teacher, but it is a school issue, not one classroom. I'm very involved in the school and have already been in direct contact with the teacher.
How would any of you approach this and does anyone know of a good nature program in central IL?

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Thank you, as he gets older it gets more and more difficult to really know what is influencing him when I'm not with him. Fortunately he still talks to me a great deal and I try to make time for us to just talk on a regular basis, without it being too boring.



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