In case you haven't seen this yet. Free family friendly skeptic songs for download.

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Thanks Dawn! This is great.
That's fantastic. Thanks for the link
Merci beaucoup
Wow, thanks! I didn't know about Jr. Skeptic, much less all those cool artists!
Thanks for the link to the Skeptic mix, Dawn. I downloaded some of the songs.

I made a "Freethought" mix a couple months ago. These are the songs I put on it:

God Shuffled His Feet -- Crash Test Dummies
That's Why I Love Mankind -- Randy Newman
It Ain't Necessarily So -- Aretha Franklin
In the Name of God -- Ziggy Marley
Imagine -- John Lennon
Man on the Moon -- R.E.M.
What if God Was One of Us -- Joan Osborne
Laughing With -- Regina Spector
Dear God -- Sarah McLaughlan
Science is Real -- They Might Be Giants
My Brother the Ape -- They Might Be Giants
Put it to the Test -- They Might Be Giants
Our Place in the Cosmos -- Symphony of Science
We Are All Connected -- Symphony of Science
The Unbroken Thread -- Symphony of Science

They're all kid-friendly.




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