Howdy Friends,

I'm looking for some help and support on a project I'm doing which I think you'll be interested in, as parents who value scientific inquiry.

Over the past two years I've written a bunch of songs for kids (age 8-12 or so) based on conversations with different local scientists about their current research. 

Now I'm hoping to record the songs and put out a CD, but I need to raise the money first. 

I'm running my fundraising campaign on I have until August 21 to raise $9,000 - or no CD! That sounds harsh, but it does keep me from going into debt just to fill my garage with CDs I can't sell. Is there are market for a kids' CD that shows that the scientific process is cool, fun, relevant, and always breaking new ground? I should hope so, but we'll see!

Please visit to watch a short video and learn more about the project.

You can also check out the song lyrics here: 

Then there are two ways you can help. 

One is by making a pledge of any amount. Your card will not be charged until the goal is reached. In return for your pledge you can get a CD, have one donated to a school, or get other rewards (listed on the page).

Two is by spreading the word. There are facebook, twitter, and email links below the video. It would also help for you to post comments and questions to this discussion. 

And if you are a podcaster or blogger, I'm looking to be interviewed!


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Oh dear! I am reading this a week or so too late. What was the upshot? I'd love to buy a CD!
Hi Jenea!
Thanks for your interest - I was successful in raising the funds, and I've spent the last two days in the studio recording drum tracks, so we are on the way, and it's sounding fantastic!

I will try to get a pre-order page set up soon (maybe tomorrow) on my website at

The CD is finished and available now! You can check it out on my website at or look it up on iTunes,, or 


It's called "Songs From the Science Frontier."


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