Missouri Teacher Forced 6-Year-Old To Sit In Her Diarrhea

I cannot believe that this person did this to this child.  Why would a 6 year old have to take a test where they cannot go to the bathroom in an emergency.  Most 6 year olds are not fully aware of what their body is telling them.  Then the woman allowed the little girl to be humiliated.  People like this should not be teachers.  When I was in 4th grade I vomited out of no where and was disciplined for not throwing up in the restroom.  If I had known it was going to happen I would have gladly do it in the rest room instead of embarrassing myself in front of all my classmates.  Once I got to high school they wanted to dictate bathroom breaks due to a few bad apples.  I was denied a pass to go to the restroom and I had to tell the teacher I was sorry I have to go.  When I got back to the class room she had locked the dooe and sent me to the principals office.  Once there I was sent to my next class because they said it was ridiculous what the teacher had done to me.  How can schools place rules on bodily functions?!  Some humans have IBS and doesn't give a damn about bathroom rules.

This makes me so angry!

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That poor girl! You know, one could MAYBE forgive the teacher for not realizing that the girl had to go that badly and that immediately. But for the love of jebus, the teacher gave her a GARBAGE bag to sit for more than 30 minutes instead of getting her help? That is such a complete lack of sense that I seriously question that adult's fitness to be a teacher of children. And the dad is right, if a parent did that and it was witnessed by the wrong person they would most likely be dealing with CPS now.

Sorry that I misspelled so much and my grammer was awful. I was just so upset. The comments some individuals left on the website were ridiculous and added to my anger. If this had been my child my next stop after the school would have been to a law office.

I would be absolutely furious, too. I'm not a litigious person, but I sure as hell would be sueing over something like this if I didn't feel the school properly disciplined or fired the teacher.

I had an experience when I was about 7 where we were told that we were not allowed to take restroom breaks during class. I was pretty timid as a kid and ended up needing to pee and soiled myseld because I didn't have the gumption to say anything about it.

They immediately cleaned me up, and weren't harsh with me at all. My mom was pretty upset though and talked to the administration. They changed their policy. Granted, this was a very small private Christian school, so I'm sure the dynamics are very different.

Truely sad. Education system is going downhill and fast.


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